by Mark W. Tiedemann
Category: Fiction - Science Fiction

Set in the future when Earth has colonized the moon, Mars, and its orbitals, Remains follows the adventures of security officer Mace Preston, who learns that his wife, Helen, has been killed in a construction accident on Mars.

Mace takes it upon himself to figure out what happened – an investigation that eventually costs him his job. Convinced the accident was sabotage, Mace’s search for the truth is thwarted at every turn, and his quest becomes an obsession.

He discovers a zealous web of interplanetary terrorists and realizes he is falling in love with Nemily Dollard, a Cerebro-Augmented person sponsored by Helen for emigration to the colony Aea. With Nemily's ability to plug directly into computer systems, she may hold the clue to Helen's death, as well as a string of unexplained accidents across the galaxy—if only she knew how to access and process the information. Mace tries to help her, but time is running out for both of them as they grow closer to solving the truth about Helen's “accident.”