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7 Important Sources for Book Reviews for Indie Authors

When you’re looking for your next read, how do you shop? I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I do is to ask my friends for recommendations. They can’t all know my exacting tastes in the books that I read, but when I hear glowing reviews or repeat recommendations among my friends, I take note. If the book is available as an ebook, I will usually download the sample right away to see if the book is a good fit.

Future Importance of Book Reviews for Indie Authors

A recent article by the Huffington Post predicted that self published ebooks will achieve a 50% share of the book market by 2020, citing reasons such as

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Have 100 Print Books? Watch Them Disappear!

What to do with 100 copies of your print book By Steven Spatz, BookBaby President

You’ve finished your book, you’re ready to self publish, and you’re considering printing a few copies. How many print books do you need? Make it an even 100 to start with!

WARNING – This blog post contains math!

Wait! Don’t let that scare you. These are the kinds of numbers that matter for authors. I promise you it won’t include algebra or those blasted hard story problems from all our middle school nightmares.

Let’s start with three numbers:

66. That’s the percentage of readers who prefer printed books to digital eBooks. That’s a lot of people who love old-school ink and paper.

635 million. That’s how

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