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How to Market Your Book on Twitter

10 Things You Should Be Doing on Twitter Right Now: Market Your Book on Twitter

Learn how to market your book on Twitter using this material that came from the free eBook shown on the left. Click the image to download your free copy! 

1. Position yourself as a thought leader If you have employees who are considered industry experts, give them some Twitter love when they speak at conferences, publish an article or blog post, or get recognized for an award. Tweet links to current news in your industry. This shows you keep up to date and know what’s going on outside your own four walls. Tweet content that makes you look smart and well-connected. Writing a guest post

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Book Publicity Boost for March!


Want more book publicity? EARN IT!

Bookarma is always on the lookout for ways you can get more book publicity, and if you joined us for the Bookarma ChatBack with Inkflash in February, then you’ve already witnessed the power of 3D marketing.

Inkflash and Bookarma have partnered to bring you another robust and revolutionary way to get more exposure for your books. Bookarma’s revolutionary method allows you to break through the boundaries of your own social networks to reach a new, global audience. And Inkflash brings you their revolutionary 3D marketing tool where readers can discover your book. Together, Bookarma and Inkflash are changing the face of book

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