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How to Write a Book and Become an Overnight Sensation

Want to know how to write a book and become an instant success?

You’ve heard the stories, haven’t you?  J.K. Rowling scribbled out the Harry Potter series in a coffee shop and became an international phenomenon. E.L. James self-published Fifty Shades of Grey and caught the whole world’s attention.

I bet you’d like to have that same success. Who wouldn’t? But the truth is that writing a book is hard work, and marketing it is even harder because that’s not what you like to do. So your marketing efforts may swing back and forth from nonexistent to the full-court press. Cold and hot, but always lukewarm in your heart. And your book sales are flat.

What’s the Answer?

You probably already know the

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How to Market a Book With Metadata

Metadata – huh?

Do you know how to market a book with metadata? You’re a writer, and you probably hate all those geeky computer terms that people toss around when they’re trying to point out something you haven’t done and don’t want to do. But the term metadata is important if you want your book to go far and wide.

So what is metadata, and why do you want to take advantage of it?

You may not know it, but your book is introduced to the world through its metadata. Think of the metadata like a yellow pages ad for your book. It tells the title and subtitle of your book, the description, its ISBN, the author and contributor names and

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