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How to Market a Book: Join ChatBack!


Learn how to promote your books by joining our Wednesday (most of the time) Webcasts!

Bookarma is all about giving first, and we want to share rich information with you that will help you market a book. Join us each week for a warm webcast for authors where we talk about how to market a book, give you tips, introduce you to experts, so you can propel your book forward!

Here’s the lineup:

Wednesday, February 4th, 10:00 am (Central Time Zone):

Guest: Shari Stauch, Where Writers Win

Topic: Reaching Influencers for Stellar Book Sales: It’s Easier to Find Readers Than You Think!



Thursday, February 6, 10:00 am (Central Time Zone):

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Strong Statistics Support the Strength of Indie Authors

I honestly wait for this moment. Every quarter a new Author Earnings Report is issued, and I can’t wait to dive in. Why? Because quarter after quarter, this statistical report shows what I’ve known in my heart all along: Indie Authors are rocking the industry! The gatekeepers are gone, and we are making our mark with our own books, written and published in our own way — and the world loves us!

All the data below is taken directly from this report, and here are the highlights:

Executive Summary

  • AuthorEarnings reports analyze detailed title-level data on 33% of all daily ebook sales in the U.S.
  • 30% of the ebooks being purchased in the U.S. do not use ISBN numbers

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Measure Book Marketing Success!

Count It!

We can yammer away and tell you how far your book will go on Bookarma, but pictures are worth a thousand words!! Take a look at these results of books that are shared around the globe–this is book marketing success!

Here’s what the numbers mean:

  • Whenever a book is delivered to the book queue, it creates an impression. This number is the least significant.
  • The number of views shows how many times another author clicked to find out more information about the book.
  • The number of shares shows how many times those authors shared the book to their network of followers.
  • The number of clickbacks shows how many times their followers actually clicked on the Facebook post or tweet to go

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