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Giving Thanks for Bookarma Authors

Bookarma launched our beta in January 2014, and it’s been an amazing, exhilarating year! We are thankful for the authors who jumped on the bandwagon right away, trusted the process, and keep sharing books and adding more of their own. You are now reaching an entirely new audience!

Thank you to these Bookarma authors who have been campaigning their books for six months or more!  Mason Duchatschek:

Mason Duchatschek is a business consultant, keynote speaker and entrepreneur from St. Louis, Mo. who helps business owners attract, capture, and convert more of their ideal prospects into clients, even if they find web and social media marketing options overwhelming.



Our thanks to these authors, too! Dianne Harman:

I draw

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Author Services: Choose Wisely!

The Independent Publishing market is strong and vibrant, and as a result, a whole slew of providers for author services have emerged, which can leave authors confused about where to turn to for help. And you do need help. You need to turn your manuscript into a polished, professional product and get it out of your hands and in the hands of readers.

In the traditional publishing model, it was all about the publisher. They not only controlled the process, but they controlled all aspects of the product. They chose the book title, the cover, controlled the editing, release dates, and the distribution channels. They also controlled the purse strings, and shared only a small return with you. And yet, if

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The Author Platform: A Firm Foundation

Authors, don’t build your platform on a shaky foundation! by Chris Robley, BookBaby


You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of building an author platform.

According to publishing expert Jane Friedman, when editors and agents say they’re looking to work with authors who have an existing platform, what they really mean is they’re searching for a writer “with visibility and authority who has proven reach to a target audience.”

But before you get all excited and try to build a taller, wider, shinier platform than the next writer in your genre, consider this: all your platform-building efforts will be a waste of time if you’re not starting off on solid ground.

So what is a solid author foundation?

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