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Manuscript to eBook – Formatting Tips

Format Your Manuscript For eBook Conversion 

By Chris Robley, BookBaby

No one expects you to be an expert in eBook formatting and conversion. You’re an author: your job is to WRITE. But in order to turn your manuscript into an eBook that can be read on most eReaders, smartphones, and tablets, you’ll need to correctly format your document for a process known as “eBook conversion.” That’s where your Word, PDF, .txt, or other manuscript document gets turned into an ePUB file (for devices like iPad, Nook, Kobo, etc.) and a .mobi file (for Amazon).

eBook conversion isn’t nearly as complicated as getting an astronaut to the moon, but there are a few common formatting mistakes that will cause your

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We Took You To The World!

You Made An International Splash!

When they said the Frankfurt Book Fair was huge, they used a word too small. Picture the large convention center in New York City. Even if you haven’t been there, you know it’s – well, huge. Now take eight of those and add multiple floors to each, and that gives you a picture of the Frankfurt Book Fair. It was HUGE!

This is where the publishing world congregates each year, and if you are campaigning a book on Bookarma, you were there, too. Our founder, Nancy Baumann, not only showed your books off from the Publishing Perspectives Stage, she had dozens of meetings with publishers, service providers, and associations who were there from the

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