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Book Discovery Through Social Media Marketing

Book Discovery on Bookarma: How and What to Share

Whether you are a self-published author or have a professional publisher, you bear the burden of marketing your own book. And it is a burden! Authors are writers, not marketing professionals, and most of us feel lost when it comes to pushing our own product. We all want our books to be known, to be seen. The industry term for that concept is book discovery. We want our books to be discovered! Social media is the primary avenue for book discovery, and Bookarma offers you a way to break through the boundaries of your own social networks to market your books through other authors. Take a look at how it works:

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Book Promotion: Write Strong Social Messages

Book Promotion 101 on Bookarma How to Write Strong Social Messages

Let’s face it. If something’s quick and easy, you’re more likely to do it. The beauty of Bookarma is the one-click method of sharing books, but if your book can’t be shared in one click, it probably won’t get shared at all. Do the social messages you wrote prevent this?

Book promotion is easy on Bookarma, but you need to make it easy for other authors to get the message out about your book. One of the best ways is to write social messages they’ll want to send out. Nobody wants to put their time into crafting a message about your book, so it’s up to you to write great social messages — because if the other authors don’t

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Book Promotion Success on Bookarma

How to be successful in your book promotion and publicity efforts

I recently read a book that demonstrates the karma principle and how to apply it in business. It’s not a new book, but it was new to me. It’s called The Seven Levels of Communication, written by Michael Maher. This book, like many others that are climbing the charts, advocates giving before getting — that you can expect what you give to return to you. It’s about thinking of others firstrather than myself. About being a positive force instead of a whiner who wants everybody to do something for me. It’s about giving without keeping score.

It’s about karma. Karma is an ancient principle

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